Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace and encourage diversity

At Syngenta we come from 120 nationalities and we work in more than 90 different countries. We are from hugely varied backgrounds and all working-age generations, we are from different genders, and we have different ways of thinking.

Every day we interact with all sorts of people around the world inside and outside our business, from the smallest of smallholders to the biggest large-scale farmers, from research scientists to agronomic experts in the field.

We embrace and encourage diversity, and this is what drives our innovation and lets us outperform the market.

Celebrating diversity

Focus on women

In agriculture, traditional values are strong, so it is important we enable women to fulfill their potential. Around a fifth of our leadership roles are held by women and we strive to increase that number.

We also work outside our company to accelerate women’s progress: we are represented on the European Board of Catalyst, which aims to enhance diversity and inclusion in business.

Flexible working

We offer flexible working to all regardless of their reasons for needing to work flexibly.

Employee Resource Groups

These are voluntary, employee-led communities that act as a resource for both group members and the organization. We have three global groups – for young professionals, women and LGBTI colleagues – and more than 30 regional groups, for example, for our Hispanic and Afro-American communities.

I´m glad to work in a company engaged in D&I. It’s a great opportunity to have a pluralistic and egalitarian environment, with a mix of thoughts and realities. It´s not optional any more.

Max Francisco Fernandes

Brazil and Paraguay Commercial Effectiveness Manager

It's incredible that Syngenta provides the opportunity for parental leave, for both mums and dads, and that my team were supportive of my time away.

David Shannon, Australia

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

D&I moves our business forward. With a culture of openness, being progressive in our thinking, we accelerate our innovation and become the most collaborative and trusted company in the industry. That’s very cool.

Alexandra Brand, Switzerland

Regional Director EAME

Raising LGBTI awareness

We listen to the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people inside and outside our company, and encourage a culture where people feel safe to speak up.

Syngenta has signed the UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business to help tackle discrimination against LGBTI people in the workplace, the marketplace and in the community, and we regularly take part in Pride activities. Watch the video

We train our leaders and employees to be aware of unconscious bias and behavior that undermines inclusion.

#SyngentaProud to support the UN’s LGBTI Standards of Conduct

Disability and mental health

Mental health affects work – and work affects mental health. We create a safe environment to discuss mental health and equip line mangers to recognize when a team member is facing such issues. It’s part of our effort to create an environment that promotes wellbeing and self-care among all of us.

Syngenta is a member of the Valuable 500 global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda.

In 2022, We've committed to:

Raising awareness about the diverse needs of our employees and building more inclusive communication

Establishing an employee resource group on diverse ability

Ensuring recruitment continues to be fair and equitable – working with hiring managers and recruitment teams on recognizing unconscious biases.

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