As a global leader in Agriculture, there’s never been a better time to join Syngenta.

We take pride in being one of the world’s leading companies with over 27, 000 employees operating in over 90 countries dedicated to one purpose: Bringing plant potential to life.

By the year 2050, global population will exceed 9 billion. The math is simple, but the challenge is enormous. Syngenta understands this and we’re committed to addressing some of our planet’s most critical issues such as land erosion and permanent water shortages. Our technology helps growers raise productivity, our supply chain delivers the right technology to the right grower at the right time, and our sales force helps pull it all together by partnering with growers and producers to quite simply ... Grow More with Less.

In order to continue meeting these challenges however ... We Need Your Help.

Syngenta is looking for bright, ambitious students who are highly motivated to help feed the world. In return for your hard work, energy, and ideas, you can expect to work in a focused, highly collaborative culture where training and development is emphasized and valued. You’ll reap the benefits of working alongside the type of dedicated and inspirational colleagues that you would expect to find in a global company.

Above all else, our success depends on our people. Nurturing talent and creativity is at the heart of who we are and what we do. To that end, we offer a broad range of career opportunities for motivated students across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

If you’re ready to put your education to good use ... Now Is the Time.

Syngenta employees have a major impact on the health and wellbeing of communities all around the world and we’d love to have a conversation with you about joining the team.

So get started by searching for current vacancies and joining our fast-growing Talent Community. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date on all of the Syngenta opportunities that await you.


Now’s the time to begin your career with Syngenta! Depending on the opportunity, the majority of our graduate programs are between six to twenty-four months long. Just the right amount of time to get your career started off on the right foot.


  • Students with the readiness and determination to succeed
  • Students who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and keen business acumen
  • Results oriented students who have high academic achievements
  • Students who can help us “create edge,” drive results and problem solve unique challenges and situations
  • Students with a “global citizen” mindset. A strong desire and passion to contribute to the ongoing successes of an industry-leading global agribusiness company
  • Students with geographic flexibility and an openness to exploring different regions of the country
  • Students with an interest in learning about a variety of different crops and agriculture systems


The Production & Supply organization plays a vital role in our success by delivering the right products at the right time to any one of the 90+ countries where we do business.

We seek high-achieving college graduates with relevant education and work experience to join the Production Supply Development Program. The two year rotation-based program includes two to three rotations in different geographic areas, offering the unique opportunity to contribute in a dynamic and challenging work environment. From day one, you’ll find that the Program offers broad business exposure with extensive networking opportunities, all leading to a wealth of career options across Syngenta.

We accept applications for one of three areas of interest (tracks):

  • Agronomy or Seed Production track
  • Degrees of interest: Agronomy, Agricultural Business, Agricultural Systems Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Plant or Crop Science, and other agricultural related majors

    Focus on seed crop field and plant activities, including field operations, facility maintenance, conditioning, treating and packaging, re-work activities and continuous process improvement.

    Potential site locations include: Midwest (Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska), West Coast (California, Oregon, and Washington) or at our offices in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Ames, Iowa or Greensboro, North Carolina.

  • Engineering track
  • Degree of interest: Chemical Engineering

    Focus on production optimization using lean tools and concepts, pilot scale-up and full manufacturing of Syngenta products.

    Rotations are typically completed in Nebraska, Louisiana, Texas, and North Carolina.

  • Operations Management track
  • Degrees of interest: Supply Chain Operations, Logistics, Science and Business majors

    Focus on Supply Chain Operations

    Track rotations in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Greensboro, North Carolina or potential plant production locations (Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska and Texas).

    Production Supply Development Candidates are provided with significant and complex projects in order to maximize their future potential. In return, we are looking for committed, enthusiastic and proactive individuals with demonstrated leadership and technical proficiency who have a passion for learning.


Brand yourself by joining one of our most respected and sought after programs! The Developmental Sales Representative (DSR) Program is the primary entry-point for students with a strong interest in commercial (chemical, seed, and seed treatment) sales and who are interested in becoming a Syngenta Sales Representative. Key elements of this exciting program include:

  • Curriculum Based: Through a combination of classroom instruction and real-life, hands-on training, you’ll be introduced to both seed and chemical sales. Upon successful completion of the prescribed six month training program, you’ll be ready to help your district drive results and further create the ever important “edge” that our customers have come to know and respect us by.
  • Thinking Like a Grower: The DSR program is designed to help you develop an understanding of customer needs by engaging with growers, retailers, and dealers in solution- based consultative and value added selling practices.
  • Comprehensive exposure to industry leading Crop Protection, Seeds, and Seed Treatment training through a variety of techniques including web-based instruction, classroom modules, and hands-on lessons in the field.
  • Coaching & Mentoring: Consistent and measured oversight by an experienced team including your District Manager, Senior Sales Representative, and fellow district teammates.
  • Unique, Personalized special projects and assignments designed by you, your District Manager, and the DSR Program Manager.
  • Flexible Hiring Cycles: If you’re interested in us ... then we’re interested in having a conversation with you. Each year, Developmental Sales Representatives are hired for either our JUNE class or for our JANUARY class.


The Syngenta Finance Management Program is a global program run locally. As the demands of operating a multi-billion, multi-national company increase, we’re looking for high-potential, high-performing students who want to test the limits of their abilities and, along the way, make, meaningful contributions to the financial well-being of a company with sales of approximately $13.3 billion. Syngenta is listed on the Swiss stock exchange (SYNN) and the New York stock exchange (SYT).

Getting in is highly competitive, but as a participant, you’ll find that the Finance Management Program provides a good measure of the cross-functional exposure to company leaders, core businesses, and key technologies that you’re looking for. These opportunities are designed to help you develop sound practical competencies for financial decision making.

If the challenges and opportunities associated with the Finance Management Program sound intriguing, here are a few more compelling facts to consider:

  • Custom Design: The program size allows participants to pursue career development paths custom-tailored to their unique professional needs.
  • Real Responsibility & Diverse Rotations: Spending three years in a dynamic and challenging working environment, participants gain unique insights and experiences across a number of roles in different sectors of our business. Areas of concentration could include learning first-hand about Decision Support, seeing how a multinational Treasury operates successfully, delving into Mergers & Acquisitions (a popular rotation!) and/or contributing to a Group Reporting Team responsible for analyzing and communicating our financial performance.
  • Advanced Professional Credentials: All Finance Management Program participants have the opportunity to acquire a recognized post graduate finance qualification such as CIMA, CFA or ACCA.
  • Mentoring: In addition to structured training, participants benefit from both formal and informal mentoring throughout the program. During each 12 month rotation, you will be mentored by a senior manager while you will take on a range of challenging positions with exciting growth opportunities, in either of our regional headquarters or internationally.

    • Recent graduates with either a Bachelor’s or Masters degree in a major that demonstrates strong problem solving and quantitative skills (e.g. Math, Engineering, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Business, etc.)
    • Ability to work effectively in a team environment with individuals with diverse backgrounds to solve complex problems.
    • Outstanding analytical, quantitative, problem solving, and communication skills and a strong interest in a career as a Finance professional.
    • Strong academic record and good communication skills. English fluency, multilingual preferred.
    • Geographic flexibility and international mobility.
    • High energy, enthusiasm, and excited by the challenges of working in a global business that puts a premium on performance.


    A global company requires global leadership and more directly, global leaders.

    The Grow in Syngenta Program is administered from our Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and is fast-paced, competitive, and aimed directly at only the highest caliber MBA students ... those who possess the talent and drive to help us realize our growth strategy and lead Syngenta into the future.

    As a full-time member of the global rotation program, you'll take on a range of challenging positions with each rotation lasting between 18 to 24 months. The program is truly geared toward broad and fast development and right from the start you’ll gain exposure to our business and experience delivering strategic results.

    Sound intriguing?

    Other compelling program elements include:

    • Advancement: Upon program completion, participants typically assume senior positions in Seeds Portfolio, Customer Marketing, Asset Management, Sales or Business Development.
    • Mentoring: Continuous mentoring by a Senior Manager throughout the program.
    • Broad Exposure: As a program participant, you'll help drive our global strategy, help expand our operations in emerging and growth markets, and most importantly, strengthen our brand across the globe. Grow in Syngenta participants can look forward to having exposure to senior level managers and will be trained to become the next generation of leaders within the company both at home and abroad.


    • Recent full-time MBA degree from a top international/domestic business schools
    • 3-8 years of commercial experience (sales, marketing, product management or other customer facing/customer oriented roles). Strong operations experience in supply chain or logistics also considered.
    • Demonstrated and inspired leadership with global perspective
    • Marketing savvy
    • Ability to deal with complex systems involving multiple stakeholders
    • High learning and analytical agility and strong project management skills
    • International mobility
    • English fluency, multilingual preferred

    Getting into the Grow in Syngenta Program is highly competitive. We invite you to take advantage of this career-defining opportunity and apply today!


    Given the right set of circumstances, the Syngenta interns of today could become the full-time employees of tomorrow.

    Our internship program is designed with your development in mind. Some of the benefits of becoming a Syngenta intern include:

    • Academic Supplement: Our internship program is designed to provide an exploratory learning experience in your chosen field of study. Are you an AgBusiness or Agronomy major? Then check out our Sales Internship. AgEngineering or Production/Operations major? Our Production/Supply Internship might be just right for you.
    • Competitive Pay: All Syngenta interns are paid. In addition to a highly competitive wage, you might be eligible for a sign-on bonus and some interns even receive academic credit for their completed internship!
    • Exposure and Visibility: Access and exposure to Hiring Managers and Key Leaders, and the coach/mentor benefits that often develop as a result of these relationships.

    If this sounds good ... then let’s talk! To qualify, interested students should have a minimum of 2.8 GPA, and be currently enrolled in an accredited school.

Types of Programs offered by Syngenta

  • Summer, Fall or Spring internships: Our internships are typically 12-15 weeks in duration
  • Multi-year internships: A great opportunity for underclassmen with multiple summers prior to graduation. Same student, same department/functional area, different assignment & Supervisor!
  • Co-Ops: Full-time work assignment generally lasting a minimum of six months. A typical co-op cycle might be spring through summer, summer through fall, or spring through fall. Students who are interested in Co-op employment should first meet with their academic advisor to discuss the impact on graduation date, etc.

Syngenta On-Campus & Event Calendar

    At Syngenta, we believe in recruiting top students from a wide range of disciplines. Many students are interested in opportunities as either an intern or Co-Op, while others are seeking full-time opportunities in one of our Management Development Programs.

    We’d much prefer meeting on campus, but if that’s not possible, we still want to learn more about you and your interest in Syngenta. We’re happy to receive online applications at any time for:

  • graduates interested in direct entry professional positions
  • alumni interested in direct entry professional positions
  • undergraduates interested in Summer Internship positions
  • new graduates interested in early career development programs